Let’s create something from nothing!

There are thousands of people that come to hockey games, shop, eat and drink here everyday. What if there was more to see and do? What if the streets were busy with activities that encouraged people to make Crosstown a destination and stay in, instead of just crossing through?

Our area does not have old raised docks or is as close to the water as Yaletown. We don’t have brick streets surrounded by mountains like Gastown. We are just stuck in the cross town…

This Neighbourhood Project will decorate our streets with lights, art, good feelings and fun. Buildings, gates, cement, staircases, alleys, doorways… this is Crosstown now. Lit pathways, artistic ambiances, nostalgia, places to sit and eat… This is what it needs.

Our vision is to have the businesses support local artists as we curate something called #beattylaneloop


The Beatty Loop Art Relief is an art walk consisting of 10 current “shoot up sites,” which will be converted into public art installations. The surrounding businesses, sidewalks and buildings will be marked and lit to create a path on city sidewalks, leading individuals to the amazement of the converted sites. #beattylaneloop is designed to attract people to our neighbourhood. If more people are using our streets for fun and functional reasons, they will be less desirable for criminal and drug related activities.

If you join this project, you will see these benefits to the area:

  • Crosstown becomes a destination before and after sports games

  • New energy attracted to the businesses

  • Decrease the amount of places for open drug use

  • Bring attention to areas that seem dark, unsecured and unsafe

  • Bring use to the area and need for public spaces and city services

  • Attract the city, media and public attention to the need for help n the area