Our purpose is to clean up the streets of Crosstown and make it a pleasant place to be. With support and donations from you and other businesses and property owners in the area, we plan to:



  • Remove discarded needles from all public areas

  • Remove garbage and waste

  • Decrease the amount of open drug use on the streets

  • Reduce crime in the area, saving money on security efforts for properties

  • Increase the use of public spaces

  • Increase the feeling of safety in the neighbourhood

  • Increase the number of people who would want to live and work in the area for the profitable economic expansion of Crosstown

We are working with the Vancouver Police Department to ensure our plan works for everyone.


Our plan:

Phase one: The Clean Up Project

Donate just $100 per month and your business will be featured as one of our monthly neighbourhood cleaning sponsors.


Phase 2: The Art Relief Project

Crosstown property owners and businesses donate to local artists and curate an art walk and transform current drug use sites.


Phase 3: The Community Project

We want to create a neighbourhood filled with events, activities and fun!


The Future:

With sufficient support, we could create a Crosstown Business Improvement Association, which means we would be eligible for ongoing support and help from the City.