Everyone comes together to make changes and we host events for all

Here are the things the area could greatly benefit from:

  • Somewhere to eat lunch with friends on lunch breaks

  • A nice place to walk and clear your head

  • Somewhere to meet and celebrate

  • A place to come together with purpose

Our assets:

  • Crosstown Elementary

  • Attira

  • Andy Livingstone Park

  • Skytrain Terrace

  • Beatty Lane

  • International Village Roundabout

  • International Village

  • Tinseltown Theatres

  • GM Place

After getting clean and getting known we will then get out and enjoy our spaces! We hope that events will help raise money to create alternative places for drug use that are not public streets and business areas.

We desire to create a sense of community in this area. Would you like to have your choice of food truck for lunch? See Christmas lights outside on the buildings? Enjoy a drink after work at a craft beer festival? Our goal is to create a fun, vibrant community!


Events we could host in our roundabout:

  • Craft Beer Festivals

  • Food Truck Festivals

  • Live Music

  • Yoga and meditation


As we clean up the neighbourhood and gain more support for our cause with the art walk, we can really have some fun!