The difference we are making


As Mission Possible clean up crews go around Crosstown, we’ve been keeping track of what they clean up. We want to share the stats for our first two months with you.

In our first month, we cleaned up a whopping 42 bags of garbage, full of 817 single use items. And we are just getting started! But the most important number is 295. We cleaned up 295 needles, minimizing the risk to those who use the neighbourhood. We don’t need to tell you how dangerous a used needle can be.

But have things changed? In June we collected more needles. 351 needles were taken off our streets in June, helping to prevent the spread of infections. But here’s a big improvement: We only needed to haul away 30 bags of garbage in June, full of 653 single use items. That’s far less waste strewn about our streets. We are making a difference. And we’ll share more stats as time goes on.