We are a concerned group of citizens who work and live in this area and we would like to create a safe and clean neighbourhood for us all to enjoy.


Our vision is to give businesses and individuals in Crosstown an opportunity to come together with a common purpose: To create a community that is clean, safe, welcoming and vibrant.


We need your support to make this happen. Just $100 a month will help clean up our neighbourhood.


Phase 1: Getting Clean

This is our ground work for coming together. Clean teams fueled by your donations will ignite the rest of the plan. Click here to learn more

Phase 2: Getting Known

This will bring new people, new uses of space and energy to the area. Click here to learn more

Phase 3: Getting Out

Create a neighbourhood filled with events, activities and fun! Click here to learn more


This is only possible with the support of our local business partners and their generous donations of $100 per month.

This month’s sponsor is: